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From 1 July 2008, Yuelamu Community will become part of the Central Desert Shire as a reult of the NT's Local Government Reform initiative. For more information see:


General Information

NB: The information below has been provided by the employer

Yuelamu community is situated approximately 300 km north west of Alice Springs on the Tanami Track which runs from the Stuart Highway to Halls Creek in Western Australia.

The community is located on the site of the old Mount Allan Pastoral lease, known as Yalpirakina. Mount Allan station consists of over 2,200 square kilometres of land. The property was purchased on behalf of the traditional owners by the Aboriginal Development Corporation who relinquished title in 1988. In that year, following a successful land claim hearing under the Northern Territory Land Rights Act 1976, freehold title was granted to the traditional owners of the area, who are from the Anmatjere linguist group.

The two major language groups in the area are Anmatjere and Walpiri.

Yuelamu‘s location number is 197 on the NT Department of Lands Housing and Local Government map.

The community has a population of approximately 300 people. Yuelamu has a sound infrastructure with

- an excellent community store,
- modern well appointed creche,
- school providing both primary and secondary education,
- modern and recently renovated clinic to be staffed by two nurses in 2005-06,
- functional council office with Centrelink Office and a well-maintained community broadcasting studio and
- well established ed workshop compound.

The community is administered by a Council of 14 elected members, seven from the Community and five from outstations surrounding Yuelamu. This year’s election were called in July 2005. The Acting President is Elaine Quinn and the CEO is Sandy Cross. The Council has two Committees: the Finance Committee established and the Youth Committee established in 2004 and 2005 respectively. A Housing Committee will be established in 2006.

Administration of the community is conducted from the central council office.

Currently, the following services are administered by Council Office staff:

- CDEP management and administration
- CentreLink,
- Home & Community Care Services
- Infant & Child Care
- Nutritional programs for children
- Women’s Centre
- Night Patrol
- Housing Management and Maintenance
- All Municipal functions
- Essential Services [Power, Water & Sewerage]
- After School Hours and Vacation Care
- Postal Services
- Road works
- Airstrip Maintenance

The workshop compound comprises mechanical and carpentry workshops and heavy machinery such as concrete truck and batching plant, grader, backhoe, bulldozer, bobcat, etc. We have skilled operators who are currently undergoing Civil Skills Construction 2 to achieve required accreditation for external contracts.

The Council is very active and supportive of developing employment and income generating opportunities. The Council has been firm in its policies of fair employment practices, supportive of members of the community willing to take on employment challenges and concerned to ensure that the community is well informed of the changes taking place in policy and practice within the Territory and national governments. The recently elected Council is endorsing this business plan will benefit from and build on the work of the previous Council.

The main employment projects include:
· Establishing the workshop as an enterprise.
· Plans are well advanced for a regional training centre supported by the national pilot programme of DEST, Pathways to Employment.
· Improving opportunities for the employment of women in the social services sector

There is a consistent and ongoing requirement for training in skills which will enhance fulltime employment opportunities. In 2004-05, the Council actively pursued training opportunities for the Yuelamu workforce
· Several members of the Yuelamu workforce are undertaking certificate level training in design and construction at the Centre for Appropriate Technology
· Sixteen members of the Yuelamu CDEP workforce successfully applied for full time work [36 hours/week] and the project target for creating full time employment in Financial Year 2005-06 is three positions.
· A successful pplication to the Department of Employment, Education and Training [DEET] has resulted in the provision of a demountable classroom and Trainer accommodation. This will be the main venue for the Yuelamu Training Centre, which will open in the first quarter of Financial Year 2005-06.
· The purchase of a concrete truck and batching plant under DEWR (ATSIS) funding creates the opportunity to develop the Yuealmu Concrete Production and Construction Services Company.

Additional Employee Information

Salary packaging is available, and may be discussed at interview. Council does not enter into packaging arrangements concerning vehicles & leases. Council does not offer financial advice on packaging and employees are urged to speak to their personal accountants or financial advisors.

Council Vehicle Policy

Staff positions include access to or exclusive use to a community-owned vehicle subject to availability. Employees may choose to use their own vehicle for work purposes (providing the vehicle is suited to the task and that the task requires a vehicle) for which a weekly allowance will be payable, depending on the use of the vehicle. Terms, conditions and tax arrangements apply. This is a voluntary arrangement, which can be terminated by either party at any time.
All private vehicles used for this purpose must be registered and be covered by comprehensive insurance. Proof of registration & insurance will be required.

Council supplies fuel for work usage however all oils, tyres, repairs and maintenance are at the employees expense.

Where an employee is assigned a Council vehicle, the vehicle can be made available for limited private use. However this is negotiated on a case by case basis.

Entry permits are required of all people entering the Yuelamu Community. Council will endorse an application for an entry permit on behalf of prospective employees and immediate families. Any visitor you have must also obtain an entry permit prior to arriving.

Hours of Duty are typically an 7.5 hour day (excluding unpaid lunch break) worked between 8.00 am and 5.00pm. The majority of positions require a 8.30am start in the winter months, and 8 a.m. in summer. All wages are based on a 37.5 hr week. Overtime, time in lieu etc are subject to individual employment contracts.

Superannuation Employees are superannuated through an approved fund of their choice. Council contributes 9% of ordinary time earnings to the fund. Employees may contribute also.

Employment Related Police Checks Yuelamu Council has duty of care to its clients, for their personal safety and well being, therefore, any person in a position with direct client contact must undertake a pre-employment police check. Police checks will be conducted on preferred applications as part of the recruitment and appointment process for staff, volunteers and students wishing to live for a time in Yuelamu Community.

Training & Development & Study Assistance Policy
Council is committed to staff training and development. Options include training courses, access to self-paced resources and “on the job” skills transfer. There is also support for approved further education with study assistance.

Accommodation, Utilities, Services

All fees and charges levied by Council may be varied at any time.

Staff Accommodation is available within the community. This housing is limited and employees are not in a position to choose between accommodation units. It is possible at times, to negotiate changes to the allocation where the employees’ circumstances change however this is not always the case. Staff accommodation charges are minimal (presently $30 week). A bond may be payable in the future but is presently not required. A range of accommodation exists from 2 bedroom to 3 bedroom homes. At all times, Council endeavours to provide accommodation suitable for the number of people within the family unit however there are times when staff will be required to live in alternate premises until more suitable accommodation becomes available.

All staff accommodation has at least one air-conditioned bedroom and an air-conditioned living room. All long-term tenants are asked to provide all replacement consumables and minor equipment such as cooking equipment, crockery, cutlery, linen, and bedding. These items are not Council’s responsibility in long-term accommodation. Cleaning equipment, small electrical equipment and appliances including televisions and access to lawn mowers are provided. In all cases, Council will provide washing machine, stove, dining, lounge, double/queen bed, fridge and freezer.

As Council will meet removal & relocation costs to a predetermined figure (dependent on location and number of family members etc), Council is willing to negotiate with tenants who wish to bring their own furniture.

Upon recruitment, these issues will be discussed and finalised prior to an employee uplifting from their location.

Electricity is currently paid through the rental charge. However the rental charges are reviewed periodically and may rise in the future.

Telephones in staff accommodation are at the discretion and responsibility of the tenant. Mobile services are not available at Yuelamu. Telephone services to the area utilise landlines and satellite. Dial-up Internet connections are presently available and the Council hopes to introduce satellite broadband in the near future. through this infrastructure are generally inadequate and not feasible. Staff members may arrange Internet from their accommodation have arranged 2 way broadband connections, which provide generally excellent connections however this is subject to local weather conditions. This arrangement requires the purchase of a satellite dish and installation costs (currently substantial subsidies are available). All private two-way satellite connections in the community are with Telstra Bigpond.

Austar will provide cable TV and associated satellite dishes for reasonable costs. It has been suggested that Internet access may be available through this source as an alternative to Telstra.

Service Fees are currently under review for rubbish collection and other services provided by the Council. Fees will be collected via regular weekly payroll deductions from an employee in the same way as the rental fee.

Relocation expenses will be negotiated with Council to an agreed amount. Council does not cover the cost of relocating vehicles, boats, trailers, caravans, pets etc. Relocation of one vehicle may be achieved where that vehicle is driven by the employee from their place of engagement.

Weekly pays are transferred to the employee’s bank account. That bank account must at least include the employee’s name (joint accounts are acceptable). Cash or cheque pays are not available.

Schooling needs are met either by attendance at the Yuelamu school or through institutions providing correspondence or distance education Schooling is the responsibility of the parent/employee. Prospective applicants with school age children need to investigate this issue thoroughly prior to accepting an offer of a position and relocating to Yuelamu.

Liquor Permits must be obtained to allow the possession and consumption of alcohol within the community boundaries. Application forms are available through Council. Without a permit, the possession or consumption of liquor is illegal with heavy penalties applying. Any breach of the NT Liquor Act by an employee or their spouse or dependant, will be regarded as gross and wilful misconduct and may result in summary dismissal for employees, and revocation of entry permits for spouses and dependants where those parties have breached the Liquor Act.

The Yuelamu airstrip is open only to light aircraft delivering mail and the Flying Doctor Service. In the event of heavy rains both road and air travel may be impossible.

Health Clinic (generally open business hours Monday to Friday) is operated by NT Health. A doctor visits the community for several days in most weeks. Two nursing staff reside in the community and manage the clinic. All health emergencies are airlifted (via the Royal Flying Doctor Service) to Alice Springs hospital.

NT Police have a station in Yuendamu, generally manned by approximately 2 to 3 staff. Yuendamu is 45 minutes drive from Yuelamu community centre.

The Council operates the Alpirakina general store in Yuelamu. The store carries all basic needs and has a well priced fruit and vegetable section. This store does not carry specialist lines. Many people shop through stores in Alice Springs (Bush Orders through IGA, Coles, Woolworths, etc) who will pick and pack and deliver to transport, for a fee. Prior arrangements need to be made with these stores to use these services. Most operate on credit card purchases. All require copies of liquor permits if purchasing alcohol.

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