Balgo is located in the Eastern Kimberley region of WA, between the Tanami and Great Sandy Deserts. The town is approximately 280kms south south-east of Halls Creek accessed via the Tanami Track.


Restricted ("dry") community with population of approximately 450 people. There is one outstation called Kearney Range


The community consists of an office, a store, an art and culture centre, a clinic, a school, a church, an airport, WAC staff and school staff houses and approximately 50 community houses. The community receives radio and television services.


Balgo experiences wet (November - April) and dry (March - October) seasons. Dry season nights can be cool with winter day averages between 26 - 38 degrees. Balgo gets about 350mm of rain annually. Access to the community via the Tanami Track can be restricted during the wet season.

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