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Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation aims to "provide a quality of life to all members through co-ordination and employment projects, strengthening self management skills, promoting cultural, sport and recreation development, improving the health standard of the individual and assisting in the homeward movement back to traditional lands.

The Corporation’s on-going programs are CDEP, Municipal Services, Health, Housing and HACC. Whilst these programs are in place, full-time employment and training opportunities are still limited.

The Corporation must find new sources of income through Economic Development. Generating Economic Growth enables financial security that allows the people in the communities under its banner, to actively participate and control there own direction and future according to their needs and aspirations. Winun Ngari see ventures and/or joint ventures as strategies necessary in establishing infrastructure for developing a product and/or products that may become of commercial value.

Given the above, the Corporation is continually seeking support from government departments and local/regional service providers, including, but not limited to, Family & Children's Services and Fisheries to assist in developing long term income generating and economically sustainable commercial projects.

The Corporation

Winun Ngari is an Aboriginal Corporation registered under the Aboriginal Corporations Act. It is situated in the township of Derby in Western Australia. Winun Ngari was officially Incorporated as "WANANG NGARI ABORIGINAL CORPORATION" under the provision of the "Association Incorporation Act 1895 - 1969 Section 3 (3)" on the 9th December 1983. Winun Ngari was officially granted its Certificate of Incorporation and its new Rules of the Association on the 27th February 1995, to operate under this act as "WINUN NGARI ABORIGINAL CORPORATION".


To achieve our main objective, members have identified the need to be actively involved in creating employment within their communities and to establish commercial enterprises within the wider community.

The communities serviced by Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation are:

(via Gibb River Road)

Imintji Aboriginal Corporation
Borninyun Aboriginal Corporation
Kunmunya Aboriginal Corporation
Jillyun Aboriginal Corporation
Pantijan Aboriginal Corporation
Gurima Aboriginal Corporation
Walorn Aboriginal Corporation
Kupungarri Aboriginal Corporation
Ngallagunda Aboriginal Corporation
Kandiwal Aboriginal Corporation
Marunbarbidi Aboriginal Corporation

(via Great Northern Hwy)

Bedunburru Aboriginal Corporation

(via Augustus Island)

Wearu Aboriginal Corporation

(via Lachlan Island)
Woolagoodja Island Aboriginal Corporation
Bulgundi A.C.

The programs and services are divided into two main areas. Whilst the two areas are mutually exclusive of each other they share the common goal to "provide a quality of life to all members through co-ordination and employment projects, providing suitable housing, strengthening self management skills, promoting cultural and sport and recreation development and improving the health standard of the individual.

Community Development / Services


Funded by government, this program aims to provide employment opportunities, career pathways to members and workers. The current CDEP activities include-:

Office Administration
Maintenance of Lawns and Gardens of WNAC Property
Homeward Movement
Community Development
Community Maintenance
Arts and Crafts

Municipal Services

The Corporation provides municipal services through:

- provision of access and internal roads;

- provision and maintenance of rubbish tip;

- regular maintenance of housing stock;

- provision and maintenance of fire breaks.

Commercial Development

To establish a sound economic base through the development of the existing picture gardens, tourism and proposed aquaculture venture.

The aim of these activities is to provide the following outcomes-:

- increased development within the community undertaken by community members;

- retention of youth within the communities to assist in the continued development through providing employment opportunities;

- enhance, facilitate and increase involvement of women and youths, and provide employment opportunities within the communities.

- The crucial factor of these services is to assist the community in retaining their workers and in particular the youth within the community rather than continuing to loose the youth and valuable workers to town based organisations.

Corporate Philosophy

As an Organisation, Winun Ngari affirms its commitment to:

- Ensuring management maintains a deep commitment to the vision of the organisation;

- The empowerment of the Aboriginal people to achieve self management and independence.


The Corporation is located in Derby, Western Australia. The town has a population of some 3,000 and is situated 200Km. from Broome, the major regional centre. Derby has a fitting level of services and facilities including 2 schools, supermarkets and is the regional base for a number of Government agencies.

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