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Mowanjum is an Aboriginal Corporation registered under the Aboriginal Corporations Act. It is situated 10 Km. from Derby on the Gibb River Road.

There are some 300 residents aligned with seven outstations situated in remote areas of the Buccaneer Archipelago and extending inland to the Kimberley Plateau. Mowanjum is the Resource Agency for these outstations.

Mowanjum has a rich cultural heritage. It is a place where Wororra, Ngarinyin and Wanambul people have settled. These are the traditional people of the NW Kimberley and there has been a history of cooperation that underpins the general accord currently operating at Mowanjum.


The CEO is housed in Derby. The town has a population of some 5,000 and is situated 220Km. from Broome, the major regional centre. Derby has a fitting level of services and facilities including 2 schools, supermarkets and is the regional base for a number of government agencies.
The administrator’s house is a well-appointed 3 br.x 2 bathroom home and is fully furnished.

Funding Arrangements

Mowanjum and the outstations are funded by current ICC programmes for CDEP wages and recurrent expenditure, Municipal Services and RHIP.

Mowanjum also receives substantial grants for an DHW housing project, men’s, women’s and youth programmes as well as additional smaller grants for aged care services, other related projects. Total funding in 2007/2008 is expected to be in the order of $5m.


There are 22 full time salaried staff - CEO, Out station coordinator (Pandanus park), ESO officers, CDEP/Project Officer, Bookkeeper, Builder Project Manager, CDEP supervisors, store managers, Art centre staff and Housing Officer. There are a further 130 CDEP participants.

The CEO is responsible for providing resources and mentoring to the Mowanjum Community Council, managing the range of programmes and development projects and overseeing financial and human resources.

There are a number of large and small enterprises operating in the community. These include a Community Store and the community Art Centre and CDEP business.


Mowanjum is well advanced in plans to complete the building of a new art/tourism centre valued at $4.6m. The building will house an enterprise that will service the artists and tourists of the region. It will be an icon building that will be a major Kimberley attraction. It is anticipated that funding will be secured within the next few months and that construction will begin before the end of the year. The centre has widespread support throughout the local Mowanjum and Derby communities, and is regarded as the most important current development in the area. It will be the work of the CEO to drive the completion of this project. Mowanjum also has a Pastoral Lease and various parcels of freehold land which are considered important resources for future developments that might include aquaculture, forestry and cattle operations.

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