In the eastern Kimberley region of WA, off the Tanami Road app 170 kms from Halls Creek.

Mindibungu rests in the "V" junction that connects the Tanami Highway and the Canning Stock Route. The community itself resides within the Tjurabalan Pastoral Lease which consists of some 3100 square kilometres of Aboriginal Land . This encases mainly desert country typical of the region taken up by Spinifex and native desert trees, however the Stuart Creek runs past the community to the south, fills Lake Stretch and flows on through to the biggest natural inland lake in the southern hemisphere, Lake Gregory.


Restricted ("dry") community with population of approximately 225 people.


Walmajarri, Kukatja, Jarra, Kimberley Kriol, Warlpiri


Office, store, clinic, garage, school, airport, powerhouse, television (GWN, SBS, ABC, WIN), radio (ABS Regional, WA FM ). 4 staff houses (Administrators, mechanic, bookkeeper, CDEP ), 5 school staff houses and 60 community houses.


Mindibungu experiences wet (November - April) and dry (March - October) seasons. Dry season nights can be cool with winter day averages between 28 - 35 degrees. Periodic flooding of the Sturt Creek during the wet season can prevent access south of the community.

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Last updated: July 2012

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