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The Kurungal Communities include Wangkatjungka, Ngumpan and Kupartiya and they are located about 100km east of Fitzroy Crossing and about 200km from Halls Creek in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.


Wangkatjungka is the largest of the three communities and it is located approximately 20km from the Great Northern Highway along a well maintained dirt road. There are about 180 permanent residents and the people are Wolmatjarri, Wangkatjungka or Gooniyandi. They retain strong links to their desert culture.

Wangkatjungka is a dry community under section 175 of the Liquor Control Act (1988).

Most community based services and agencies are based in Wangkatjungka. It is also the base for the majority of activities for the Kurungal Council. There is a store, Centrelink agent, health clinic, Home and Community Care, play group, school, administration office including community hall and kitchen, football ground and basketball court. Programs include: CDEP, Parental and Community Engagement, sports and recreation, Best Start (play group) and housing repairs and maintenance.

In 2009 and 2010, Wangkatjungka hosted the "no grog, no drugs" concert and in 2011 hosted an inter-community football and basketball carnival which was also drug and alcohol free.

Many new houses are currently under construction in the community with the first new homes due for completion by the end of June 2012. There is visitor accommodation available for trainers and contractors visiting the community.

The landscape is hot and dry in summer, however there are nearby gorges, waterholes and caves where tourists, locals and school children enjoy excursions and family camping trips.

Community Development Projects

In October 2009 an Indigenous Community Volunteer (ICV) visited the community on numerous occasions to develop a community nursery and it is likely that this nursery will be the base for an EON funded community vegetable garden in 2012.

The CDEP constructed a full sized football oval in 2011 as part of a construction training course and this oval was used to host the inter community football carnival. Recently the CDEP construction team constructed a work shed and has undertaken various concreting projects at the playground, store and play group and constructed fences around cemeteries. The women have commenced a screen printing facility as part of the Certificate in Aboriginal Art.


Ngumpan is situated less than 1km from the Great Northern Highway and has a population of approximately 40 people. The new Ngurra Art Centre is based there and it will become the focus of additional infrastructure work in 2012 including construction of a corroboree ground and preparation of a camping ground for tourists. Art specialists visit the community regularly to support the production of fine art which will be used to stock the new Centre. Women of Ngumpan have also established a soap making facility and seed jewellery making. There is donga style accommodation in Ngumpan which is utilized by visiting contractors.


Kupartiya centres around the Bohemia Downs cattle station, approximately 60km from Wangkatjungka and 20km from the Great Northern Highway. Its population is about 35 people. A 4WD school bus transports children to school in Wangkatjungka. A number of CDEP support staff reside in Kupartiya and these people travel to Wangkatjungka to work.

Sport & Recreation

The people of the Kurungal communities are staunch football supporters and during the football season, they travel to Fitzroy Crossing every week to watch the Wangkatjungka Crows. Other sport and recreation facilities are available in Fitzroy Crossing.

Local Services

Fitzroy Crossing is the nearest service centre to Wangkatjungka. Services include post office, hospital, Aboriginal Health Services, TAFE, womens resource centre, school, police station and court house, the Fitzroy Lodge, two petrol stations, hardware store, general storenand IGA supermarket. There are numerous mechanics and other tradespeople who provide outreach services to the Kurungal communities.

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