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You might just be over living in the city. Maybe you've seen some of the beautiful country we work in on your travels. Perhaps you just need to take radical action to lift you out of an otherwise boring and repetitive work pattern.

Or maybe you're ready to move on from your current community job?

The regions we service are truly unique, and even we think we're fortunate to work with such a diverse client group in environments where no two days are alike.

Workers in remote community settings are offered a network-rich occupational experience quite unlike any other, and many kickstart new directions never considered before.

There are lots of other benefits too - acquiring new skills, building new social circles, and outdoor leisure options at your doorstep. And for most it's the chance to gain new insights into remote Aboriginal community life, or to take advantage of the opportunity to learn new languages first-hand and develop inter-cultural relationships that enrich and inspire.

And given the generous provisions for leave, accommodation, and other associated entitlements, it's also a great way to put away some money for the future.

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