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We receive a request from the employer and search our database (based upon the criteria provided by the employer) for suitable, potential candidates ("nominees").

We then contact the candidates to discuss the position and if they're still interested, we pass on the documentation provided to us by the employer.

Interested candidates will then give us permission to pass on their details (CV, resume) to the employer. Uninterested candidates can decline without penalty.

We pool the interested candidates together and forward their credentials to the employer.

The employer then contacts the candidates they feel are the most suitable and from this point onwards, our role becomes one of a more administrative nature (organising letters of offer, contracts, travel arrangements for interviews, advising nominees of their status etc).

If we don't feel that we can offer the employer enough choice, then we'll implement other options which may, but not always, include listing the position on this site or via TransMail.

There are other choices for employers, too. To complement the pool, some will ask us to advertise their jobs in the print media, or they'll have their positions advertised on TransMail. On occasions we'll arrange a teleconference between the employer, nominee and us.

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