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+ a short history and the objective of trans - 100% passion

Trans began trading in December 1997 as a sole-proprietor structured agency/consultancy focused on recruitment assistance for remote Aboriginal employers in the Northern Territory. What started out as a part-time project quickly evolved into something far more significant, as the demand for a service offering on-the-ground kick using down-to-earth dialogue became increasingly evident.

There's never been a drive to become "big business" - it's always been about the end users - our client employers and placements (applicants, nominees) - striving to get the right people out there just to "do the job and get on with it" - and all in a community development context!

And the challenge was to make the service effective, affordable and accessible to our client group.

How would we do it? Clearly, compromises had to be made. Reduce overheads - and most importantly, the business had to have the capacity to ride with the ups and downs of an ever-changing client market and the consequent dramatic variations in activity and income.

So what's with the "we" stuff, if Trans is a sole proprietor? Fortunately, there's input from a group of close colleagues - the contributors - peers with relevant, credible experience in remote Aboriginal community scenarios - we acknowledge them here.


Trans Remote Assistance is a registered business in the Northern Territory - It's a private business that's not supported financially by any external body or Government entity (other than our clients of course). Trans is reliant on requests for assistance from remote Aboriginal/Indigenous employers and does not cold canvas these businesses on behalf of it's database candidates.

Trans is driven by passion - not dollars. There's no Trans office - but there is a Trans HQ. Over 50% of business time is spent on the road, engaging with client groups, meeting with employers and jobseekers alike.

+ trans today - still 100% passionate about what we do

Wow, how times change...but some things don't. Working with remote Indigenous employers is still our only focus, and over the last ten years our skills have been drawn on to bring contracts up to standard, revise old and compose new Job Descriptions, review workplace HR, and to identify potential HR problems before they appear. This is the reward for both our client employers and us - the opportunity to work collaboratively with great people with and within their communities.

The significant factor here is, we're passionate about what we do, and we do well at it. We don't make rushed decisions, and we follow due process, in a consultative, inclusive, transparent manner.

Don't believe us? We're more than happy to put you in touch with any of our client employers - so go and ask them yourself!

Critically, we have a presence - we visit our clients, in person, as regularly as possible. We don't just arrive, do our stuff and disappear into the ether. We actually come back, time and time again.

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