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Assisting remote Indigenous employers to engage suitably motivated staff and handling employment matters is pretty much all we do.

+ trans database

We maintain an extensive database of jobseekers looking exclusively for work within remote Australian Aboriginal communities and organisations. Employers can request for us to search, using their criteria, for appropriately experienced and motivated workers.

This is our flagship service and the one most requested by clients. Why? Because it's affordable, easy and fast!

It costs nothing to find out if we can help you. A fee is only payable when a successful engagement has been made.

+ self advertise

You can advertise your position independently on our website and on our email bulletin, Transmail, which has been issued on demand since late 1998. Additionally, all positions are posted on our RSS feed allowing subscribers to receive advice immediately when the vacancy is activated.

+ projects

We love our projects and are delighted when clients express genuine satisfaction with the outcomes! We can work onsite or remotely and we’re very consultative. Job Description overhauls, HR Policies/ Procedures, Benchmarking and HR function reviews are all well within our scope.

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