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Wow! And thanks for using our online lodgement method. It really makes
it easier for us, and quicker for you - which means we can act on the task
right away - well, provided we're awake, that is (always check our office
to see if there are any expected delays).

Once your job has been lodged, it's imperative that you inform us if the position has been filled by another method or is withdrawn for any reason. Failure to do so will result in a fee for any hours incurred working on the case, as we do have to recover the costs. Naturally, this doesn't apply when due process has been followed. In any case, we'll discuss this with you when we make contact after you lodge your job.
We've been doing this a long time, and we do know our stuff. So before
you upload your position documentation, use the checklist below to
confirm that the required information is included in the documents you upload to us.

Using the checklist allows us to match the results against the
documentation you provide, and ensures that we have the minimum standard of information required before we approach anyone on the
Trans database (if you are using this method)

Have you supplied the following?

Full salary details (the actual figure or range, please, not a reference to an award), including any info on salary sacrifice and district or additional allowances yes no
Leave details, including annual leave, sick leave, TOIL, isolation leave or other special leave yes no
Accommodation and weekly rental details yes no
Relocation assistance details yes no
Annual airfare details yes no
Probation details yes no
Vehicle details yes no
Closing date for applications
The name of your community/organisation
Position title
Job lodged by (your name)
Contact person details (if different from above)
Contact person email address
Contact person phone number
What do you want us to do with this job?
Add any additional comments you wish here. Text only please, not numbers.
Choose the file/s you wish to upload then click the send button. Please be patient, depending on the size of your files this could take a little time.

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Quick Reference Guide (fees)

Service and fee summary. A4 single page.


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