Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation was established in 2006 to represent Traditional Owners of the Worrorra (Dambimangari). The KLC has assisted Dambimangari administration since establishment and it is expected that the Corporation will become self sufficient in the 2007 2008 financial year.
The Corporation receives funding from the Koolan Island Co-existance Deed to assist it administer that Deed and an office has been established through additional funding under the Deed. The Deed also provides a stream of revenue to the Dambimangari Native Title Charitable Trust. The Committee of the Corporation are also the Advisory Trustee’s of this entity.
The Committee have agreed that some of the Trust’s income should be directed towards supporting the Administration of the Corporation.

The Corporation has a wide range of interests but its main activities are:

• Ensuring the Koolan Island Co-existance Deed is properly implemented
• Maximising the benefits of the Dambimangari from the Deed
• Promoting the Native Title interests of the Dambimangari
• Maximising the benefits to the Dambimangari from the Trust

The Dambimangari have already determined that half of all production payments received should be put into a growth fund to provide a long term stream of benefits beyond the life of the Koolan Island mine.


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