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UPDATE: 27 JUNE 2008

From 1 July 2008, Anmatjere Community Government Council will become part of the Central Desert Shire as a result of the NT's Local Government Reform initiative. For more information see:


The Anmatjere Community Government Council comprises 10 non-contiguous wards in an area of approx 3,566km2. The Council delivers services to an estimated regional population of 2,000 residents.

The Council offices are located in the township of Ti Tree 200km north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway ( less than 2 hrs to Alice Springs). The Council, which currently consists of 20 elected members, meets regularly each month.

The Council is a supporter of Local Government Reform in the Northern Territory. Development and implementation of reform strategies will provide the Council and management staff with a number of challenges as cultural, political and commercial imperatives are addressed.

Elected members of Council occupy places on a variety of boards and committees. The Council is generally regarded as a good corporate citizen of the Northern Territory.

The township of Ti Tree offers residents a pleasant and relaxed lifestyle in a remote area of the Northern Territory.

The town offers residents a number of facilities and resources including;

Schooling to year 10.

A fully equipped Health Clinic staffed by resident Health Professionals and a visiting Doctor 3 days per week, the community is also serviced by the Royal Flying Doctor Service operating from a gravel airstrip adjacent the town;

A fully staffed Police Station.
A general store and art gallery
A fully equipped roadhouse with accommodation and camping facilities.

Four television channels and one radio channel and well maintained sporting ovals provide residents with a range of recreation and sporting opportunities.

Power and water facilities maintained by the Council under contract to the Northern Territory Power and Water Authority. Water quality is good.

The new council offices have been designed to provide a range of regional services that will include a library, conference rooms, centreline agency and limited banking facilities. The Council is currently examining the potential for the development of a Rural Transaction Centre within the service centre.

The region faces an exciting future as recent investigations have proved the potential for a thriving Horticultural and Agricultural industry. A number of operators have accepted the challenge and have commenced commercial operations in selected locations within the area encompassed by the Anmatjere Community Government Council Scheme.

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