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Ampilatwatja is situated 365 kms northeast of Alice Springs. There are three out-stations, with the main ones being Irrultja and Atnwengerrp located approximately 60kms and 20kms respectively from Ampilatwatja. The people of Ampilatwatja form part of the Alywarr nation with the local Aboriginal language being spoken by the majority of the community.

In 2007 Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory were declared a national emergency by the Commonwealth Government with the need to address child health as an immediate priority. As a consequence in early 2008, the Ampilatwatja community has been excised to be under Federal jurisdiction and a Government Business Manager has been located on-site.

The Ampilatwatja Health Centre Aboriginal Corporation (AHCAC) is a primary health care service, which also provides a 24-hour emergency service and is accessible to residents from Ampilatwatja, Irrultja, Atnwengerrp and Welere and other peoples passing through the region. The Health Service is also available to all non-Indigenous people residing within the Ampilatwatja community.

The Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and the health providers in the region have began exploring the development of a new
regional model for health service delivery in the region.

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